So there are many types of stains that can accumulate on your carpet.  I always advise my clients not to put store-bought products on a stain, usually the customer will not be able to get it out,  and usually they drive the stain deeper into the carpet, the backing, and maybe into the pad, which makes it much harder to remove,  and then has a better chance of wicking back (this refers to the stain being lifted out, but then as the carpet dries it wicks back to the top) Store bought products, such as, Resolve, Oxy Clean, Spot Shot, etc. can actually lock the stain in permanently, so that it is impossible to remove. Some store-bought products will actually bleach the original color out of the carpet. When trying to get a stain out, you need to select the right Ph to break it down and lift it out, the Ph scale ranges from 1 -14, 1-6 is an acidic based Ph, while 8-14 Ph is an alkaline based Ph, with 7 being neutral.

Most of the time when a customer tries to remove the stain they just drive it in deeper. If you are determined to get the stain out yourself,  you should blot it with a 100%, white, cotton cloth. If you are going to put a liquid on it to remove it, you must have a way to suck up the liquid, water, etc. if you don’t, you just exacerbate the situation by driving it deeper. To suck the liquid out, you need to dry vacuum it out, this does not refer to using your vacuum cleaner to get it out, if you do this, you will ruin the filters in your vacuum. You should use a wet dry shop vacuum. I would suggest not trying to get the stain out yourself, and leave it to the professional. I know this is hard to do, as everyone always wants to save money and try to get it out themselves. If you try to get it out yourself, take your time, prepare yourself, and make sure you have the necessary tools ready to accomplish the task, or instead of saving yourself money, you might be costing yourself time, money, and a headache. The professionals at Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning, have the tools and expertise to remove almost all stains. Some stains are impossible to get out, as they have not designed a product to get them out, such as mustard, and there are a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

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