Oriental Rugs

RugWool Rugs:

An oriental rug can be fragile, it just depends on what it is made of, how it is knotted, and what kind of dyes they used in the coloring process, etc. I will be referring to all rugs that are made of wool or silk as oriental, just to keep it simple. These are made of natural fibers, which are more porous, so they easily soak up dirt, dust, allergens, spills, pet accidents, etc. This makes them much harder for the customer to care for, especially if there is a lot of traffic across the rugs. That is why it is crucial to keep up on the weekly maintenance, such as vacuuming, and having them professionally cleaned yearly.

Wool rugs are the most common oriental rugs. These are very easily destroyed if you hire someone who is not an expert on the care and cleaning of them.  Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning has the tools and the expertise to clean your precious rugs. I have fielded may comments from customers throughout the years about how someone tried to clean their rug and ruined it. You can learn more about the proper care for your oriental rugs under the Tips page of our website. When you click on Tips, scroll down until you find the category titled wool rugs.

Silk Rugs:

Silk rugs bleed extremely easily. If you spill anything on them, such as water, or a pet urinates on them, more likely than not they are going to bleed, which means the colors will run together. So, if you spill something on this type of rug, don’t try and clean it up with water or a wet towel. Find a 100% white, dry, cotton cloth and blot it to try and soak up whatever spilled on the rug. Silk rugs are cleaned with a dry cleaning process, which we perform at Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning.

These rugs are made of silk, which comes from the silk worm. Unfortunately, these are even more difficult for the customer to take care of than wool rugs. These rugs need to be cleaned regularly, at least yearly sometimes. These rugs cannot take the same cleaning process that is used for cleaning wool rugs. They can be cleaned, and if it is just general maintenance then they are easily cleanable. The problem the customer and the cleaner are faced with, is when people don’t clean them for years, they neglect them, now it becomes much harder to restore the rug to it’s original beauty. Since they are silk and not wool, the process used to clean them is a dry cleaning process. This process is not as through as the process the wool rug are put through, unfortunately, it’s the only process used to clean them. If you clean your rug regularly, there will be no problem in getting it clean, it’s when it’s neglected that problems arise, like anything, if you neglect it, you will be faced with additional problems. Fortunately, these rugs are rare, most all rugs we see are wool, rarely do we encounter a silk rug,

When your rug is clean, we dry it out, then we roll it up, wrap it in plastic and then hand deliver it. For a more detailed description on silk rugs go to the home page and click on tips, then scroll down to the category you are looking for. The tips page is a blog page, where you can post a comment, read other peoples comments, or get additional advice and tips about silk rugs.

We offer a pick up and delivery of all rugs.