Tile and Grout Cleaning

When selecting a company to clean your tile and grout you want to ask them a lot of questions, to make sure they are qualified to satisfy your needs with the end results, at Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning you can rest assured that all your expectations will be exceeded. You want to always ask what process they use, as there are many processes that different companies use, some are very effective, many are less than effective.

One process that is extremely effective, is the process we use, it is the process that the industry standards suggest using. This process involves using a pre spray that is an alkaline, this pre spray breaks down dirt, grime and other build up that has been deposited on your tile. Next,  you want to use a Turbo Force to clean the tile and grout. This machine is the most effective machine you can use to achieve the results of restoring your tile and grout to its original beauty.

Many times you will run across companies that charge a very low price for tile and grout cleaning, like I said, always qualify them to make sure they are experts. They will often leave out an important step in the cleaning process, such as, not using a pre spray, if this step is missed, the end result will be less than satisfactory.

Some companies will use a side by side, with some sort of spinning bonnet attached to the bottom of it. Always avoid using this process, as this process will splatter chemical on your cabinets and appliances, which can leave spots on your cabinets, appliances, and other precious valuables. Also, if you have natural tile, using a side by side can scratch your tile. What happens when you use a side by side, if you have pock marks in your tile, loose gravel, sand, etc. from the pock holes will be on your tile , and when it gets trapped under the side by side it can scratch your soft, natural, tile.

Some companies use acid to clean tile and grout, while this can sometimes be an effective means to clean ceramic tile, it should never be used on natural tile, as natural tile is a porous substance, and if you put acid on natural tile, it open up the pores even more, and instead of cleaning the tile, it exacerbates the situation, setting the dirt, grime, etc. deeper into the tile. When cleaning natural tile you always want to use an alkaline cleaner.

Many companies also use outdated, or inferior equipment, that has not been properly maintained. This industry is constantly changing, and new technology and equipment is  always being produced. If you have old, non maintained equipment, it is not going to do a very effective job at cleaning.

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