Stain Removal

We make our own pre spray, which is a vital part of removing stains. If you do not use a pre spray, you will not be able to eliminate the stains, or if they do disappear they will probably wick back to the top as the carpet dries. Pre spray helps to break down dirt, dust, allergens, stains, and other foreign matter that is in your carpet. We combine 2 products together, then we pre spray all the carpet, this breaks down 99.99% of stains. I am sure you have had your carpet cleaned and it looks fairly good when the guys have finished, and then as the carpet dries the stains, dirt, traffic lanes, etc. reappear within a day or so. That is not professional carpet cleaning, they are skimping and forgetting important steps in the cleaning process. If your going to have your carpet cleaned, you might as well have it done the right way, it will save you a lot of hassle, money, and heartache.

You can buy gallons of pre spray, and it works OK, but it doesn’t come close to cleaning the way our combination works. It takes us a little more time and energy to mix up our concoction,┬ábut it does an amazing job of cleaning, making our customers extremely happy. Pre spray is one of the most important steps to getting the carpet as clean as possible.

If there are other stains that the cleaning process doesn’t take out, we have a bag of about 20 different cleaning agents used to get those out. All products we use are human and pet friendly.