Water Extraction – Flood Damage

Water damage, and floods, can be very destructive to you carpet, and your drywall. Mold sets in 72 hours after the water has been on the carpet, drywall, etc. Molds can be very dangerous, and toxic, to humans and pets, depending on what type of mold sets in. Saatchi Boutrous can make people extremely sick, and may even kill them. Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning deals with some water extraction issues, depending on the severity of the problem. If you have a severe problem, where the water has been sitting there for a few days, and the water has seeped into the baseboards, you should call your insurance company.

Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning deals with small amounts of water, such as, a  water heater leak, leaky toilet, etc. We will be truthful with you, and give you our advice of what we would do if it was our place. I will tell you, sometimes it is better to just replace the carpet and the pad, than to try to suck up the water, remedy the mold, etc. especially if you have a small area such as, 200 square feet or so. I mean, you can replace 200 square feet of carpet for about $500, depending on the quality of carpet, so that sometimes makes more sense. The problem with water extraction is, not only do you have to suck up the water, but you also have to clean and treat the carpet, this can cost anywhere from $300 to $600 so you might as well just get new carpet, that way you have the comfort of knowing that you are not going to be faced with problems, such as, the carpet still smells musky, etc. then you have spent a bunch of money, and now you have to spend more money to replace the carpet. We are not a restoration company, and if you have a severe problem you will need to get your insurance company involved  to clean up the mess, replace the drywall, get the mold out, etc.  We can help you, if you have a small problem, or give you our honest opinion, of what to do, so that you are not taken advantage of.


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