Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Capet pupPet Stains can sometimes be difficult to remove. There are a lot of factors that come into play when dealing with pet stains, such as, how old the carpet is, how long the pet stain has been on the carpet, what kind of carpet you have, what kind of stain it is, how big the animal is, etc. The most common kind of stains we encounter are urine stains, which we have a few different products we use to eliminate the stain and smell. The most preferred method we use is to spray the urine stain with a  product that has a dual combination that eliminates the stain and the odor, this product contains an enzyme to eliminate the urine smell. Usually you can get most stains out, especially urine, feces, etc. the hardest part of dealing with urine is the smell.

As i previously mentioned urine smells can sometimes be very tough to eliminate depending on the severity of the problem. Urine can soak into your carpet, through the backing of the carpet, into the pad, and even into the cement foundation below the carpet pad, if this happens there is going to be a lot more work involved and sometimes it may be cheaper just to replace the carpet and the pad. One thing to remember if you do replace the carpet and pad, it is extremely important that you treat the concrete, you can do this by either buying a paint like product like Kilz and rolling that onto the concrete or you can call us and we can spray down some Hydrocide to eliminate the smell. The Hydrocide method is much cheaper and eliminates the urine smell immediately, when the Hydrocide comes in contact with the urine. If you don’t treat the concrete and just put down the pad and carpet, more likely than not, the urine smell will wick back up through the pad and carpet and we will be back to square one with your same problem. I have had numerous carpet cleaners call me after replacing the pad and carpet to ask me why it still smells like urine, and i ask them if they treated the concrete and they always say they didn’t, and there lies the problem.

If you have a big dog the urine probably has penetrated all the way through to the concrete. There are ways to fix this problem. We have a water claw and we mix water with Hydrocide and pour it on the urine stain area and let it soak in so it penetrates down to the concrete, then we suck it all out with the water claw. If you have a severe problem where there are multiple stains, 20 to 100 or more, strewn around a large area you can eliminate the smell, but the Hydrocide is very expensive, about $100 a gallon, that’s how much it costs us, and we are in this business to make money, so it is going to cost the consumer double that price, and it needs to be mixed at a 1 to 4 ratio, which correlates to 4 gallons, so the cost can skyrocket quickly, as i mentioned before, sometimes it’s cheaper to replace the carpet. There is another product that eliminates the smell of urine odor called Odorcide, it’s a bit cheaper. We will apply this if that’s what the customer wants, we just prefer Hydrocide, but this is just a personal preference of mine. Odorcide works probably just as well, it just has a different smell than Hydrocide.

For most instances, you can use the first method mentioned, where we spray the urine stains with a dual mixture to eliminate the stain and the smell, this is a fairly inexpensive method, you can do about 10 to 15 softball size stains for $30.

If we cannot see the urine stains we have a black light we use and this makes the urine glow so we can easily spot, diagnose, and treat the effected areas.

If you use Scotchgard each time you clean your carpet you will have a much easier time eliminating stains, as the stain cannot bond to the carpet fiber.