Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile:

Let’s first discuss ceramic tile. This is man-made tile. This type of tile is extremely durable and nearly impossible to scratch. This kind of tile cleans up real nice. We only use top of the line cleaning equipment and the best cleaning products on the market. Your tile and grout may be kind of dirty or extremely dirty, either way, we can restore it to its natural beauty.
We have a few different processes we use. You can either get general maintenance, this cleans the tile and the grout lines, this is what you want if your grout lines are not too dirty. If your grout lines are pretty dirty, to extremely dirty, you will want to have the grout lines scrubbed. We use grout brushes on poles, to get your grout lines looking new again. Many people like to have the grout lines scrubbed in high traffic area, the kitchen, etc. This is a very effective means to acquiring the brand new look many customers are looking for.
In order to get your tile and grout looking new again, you are going to want to use an alkaline cleaner, we use the best product on the market, to achieve the best results. We spray this alkaline cleaner on your tile and grout. This alkaline cleaner breaks down the dirt, grime, foreign matter, etc. that has collected on your tile and grout. Then we use a top of the line machine, specifically designed to clean tile and grout. This machine is self-contained, when I say self-contained, it means that nothing is going to get on your cabinets, appliances, etc. This machine, called a Turbo Force, has extremely high pressure, we run a mixture of hot water and a neutralizer through it. This machine picks up all the dirt, grime, foreign matter, etc. leaving your tile and grout so clean you can eat off it lol. Your tile and grout will be dry in under an hour, so you can immediately enjoy you living spaces.

Natural Tile:

Natural tile is just what it says, it is a natural substance, such as, travertine, marble, Saltillo, etc. This type of tile can be very soft, and easy to scratch, if the person you hired, is not a specialist on these types of surfaces. Many times your tile may not look like it is dirty, as tile can hide dirt extremely well, especially if it is multi colored. You should clean your tile every few years. You really want to keep up on the maintenance of your natural tile. Some natural tile has pock marks in it, these pock marks shed small sand granules, although these small pock marks may look like nothing to be concerned about, they can really cause problems for your tile. What happens is the sand that comes out of the pock marks can scratch your tile, if it adheres to your shoes, children’s toys, etc. of course this is not always the case, it depends on how soft your tile is, you will notice this in some travertine. I would suggest that you have these pock marks filled in and fixed, unfortunately, we don’t do this, we merely clean the surface. The process we use will not scratch your tile no matter how many pock marks you have. We use a top of the line alkaline cleaner to clean your natural surfaces. We offer grout line scrubbing, if the grout lines are dirty. Most grout lines in natural tiles will be an eight inch in width, instead of the quarter-inch width that is standard in ceramic tile. We have the knowledge and professional equipment to restore your tile and grout to its natural beauty.

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