Discount Coupons

There are a lot of coupons out there, some are good, some are a scam. Most legitimate coupons will be 10% off or so. If you see a coupon that says $5.99 – $10.99 a room I can guarantee, you are going to get scammed. These companies always have add ons, or up sells, such as, they charge .25 – .35 cents a square foot for pre spray, and if you don’t use a pre spray you will not be able to get the dirt, dust, allergens, stains, traffic lanes, and other particulate matter out of the carpet. These kind of companies come in with a low price and then charge for everything they can think of, they charge extra for stains, traffic lanes, pre spray, etc. before you know, you have spent ten or twenty times more than you expected.

At Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning we have no hidden charges, and one price covers everything. We are very competitive in our pricing and always tell the customer exactly how much it is going to cost before we start. We also give free estimates, and give the customer the satisfaction of knowing that they will be receiving a top notch job. We perform all work, using top of the line, van mounted cleaning equipment, and top of the line cleaning products, which are all non toxic to pets, and humans, and environmentally safe.

I have received many calls over the years about the different types of equipment cleaners have tried to haul into customers homes. People have called me to ask me if I use a standard vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, I get  a chuckle out of that, but feel bad for the consumer. I guess it is one of those vacuum cleaners that has a little steamer on it, they cost about $200, and this is most definitely not going to clean your carpet. Other companies use portable units that plug into the wall, you can rent these at your local grocery store, they are called Rug Doctor, these are also less than effective.

Many companies have very nice looking vans, but when you look in to see the kind of cleaning equipment it has, you see something that is 20 or 30 years old, or bottom of the line equipment. Anyone can repaint their van and make it look really nice, but that’s not going to get the carpet clean. Many house cleaners offer carpet cleaning, they think putting down some of that carpet cleaner by buy at the grocery store, which you sprinkle on your carpet, and then vacuum it up, will clean the carpet, wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy lol. If you are looking for high quality carpet cleaning, that is detail oriented then you have come to the right place. Fountain Hills Carpet Cleaning always exceeds the customers expectations.

I just say, buyer beware, and always read the fine print, and always qualify the cleaner you are inviting into your house, by asking as many questions as possible, so you can feel comfortable, and at ease, that you have chosen the right person for the job.

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