Prolonging the life of your carpet

To prolong the life of your carpet there are some crucial things you should do, such as, vacuum it weekly, and have it professionally cleaned at least yearly, if not more, depending on foot traffic, animals, etc. Not only will cleaning your carpet help to prolong the life of it, but it will also help keep your house free of germs, allergens, and bugs, bugs like dirty environments. The longer the dirt stays on the carpet the more opportunity it has to bond to the carpet fiber, or it can also seep into the dye receptors that did not get filled with dye when the carpet was manufactured. When carpet is manufactured they color it through the microscopic dye receptors, and even the best carpet has 30% or so of the receptors that did not get filled with dye. You paid a lot of money to get your new carpet, not to mention the fact that you had to move all your stuff off the carpet to another location. If you maintain your carpet properly you can get 10-12 years of life out of it, or maybe even 5 or ten more years beyond that. My carpet in my house is 16 years old and looks great, although sooner or later the carpet fiber is going to get worn out in the traffic lanes, and there is nothing you can do about that. I would also suggest when you have it professionally cleaned that you have Scotchgard applied. This makes it so the dirt, dust, allergens, stains, and other foreign matter cannot bond to the carpet fiber, also more of the foreign matter will be picked up by the vacuum, and it will come cleaner when you have it professionally cleaned, thus prolonging the life of your carpet. Scotchgard also fills in the dye receptors that didn’t get filled with dye at the time it was manufactured, if you don’t fill in the dye receptors with Scotchgard they will fill in with dirt, dust, allergens, etc. and you don’t want that. Every time you clean your carpet you should apply Scotchgard, even if your carpet has been treated with Scotchgard when it was manufactured. If you read the back of the manufactures label on the back of the carpet they suggest you apply Scotchgard each time you clean it, as the high heat used in the steam cleaning process strips the old Scotchgard off.

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