Weekly Maintenance

General Maintenance For Your Carpet:

We recommend that you vacuum your carpet weekly. This will help keep fine particulate matter, such as, dust and dirt, from getting ground into the fibers of your carpet, and it will help your carpet last longer. You should buy, or use a decent vacuum, I would say if you spend $300 to $50o on a vacuum, that is a pretty good one, and should work fine. General maintenance is very important if you want to get the most out of your carpet. There are many examples that you can apply this to, one being, the engine in your car, if you only change your oil every 10,000 miles or more, the probability of your car breaking down and needing regular repairs skyrockets. It’s like anything, if you neglect it, chances are,  it is going to need to be repaired regularly, costing you many times more than it would if you just maintained it on a regular basis. It’s much cheaper to maintain you carpet than replace it, and it will save you a lot of time and headaches, as you will not have to move your stuff in and out to replace to carpet.

General Maintenance For Your Oriental Rugs:

You should vacuum your oriental rugs weekly. You should also rotate them 90 degrees every 3 to 6 months, doing this will alleviate the traffic lanes that build up over time,  so when you do have it professionally cleaned, every year, or less, it will be much easier, and more effective to restore to it’s original beauty.

General Maintenance For Your Ceramic Tile:

You should mop your floor with a mop, or other effective cleaning devise that you can buy at your local hardware store. I would suggest you buy a neutral cleaner, which means you want to pick a cleaner that has a pH of 7, these can be found at stores that sell tile, and maybe at the local hardware store. I would stay away from products that do not have a pH of 7 (neutral), products to stay away from are, Mop and Glow, pledge, etc. as these can leave a residue behind on your tiles.

General Maintenance For Natural Tile:

You want to mop your natural tile regularly. You do not want to clean your natural tiles with anything other than a neutral cleaner, this mean a pH of 7. It is very important that you use a neutral cleaner on natural stone, you can get away with using a store bought product on ceramic tiles as they have a much harder surface and are virtually impossible to penetrate, but i would still say it is best to always use a neutral cleaner on all tiles, to reduce build up of residue. If you have a natural stone floor it is extremely important that you do not use a store bought product like Mop and Glow, Pledge, etc. as these leave a residue behind. Since natural stone is porous, it soaks things up, so if you use a cleaning product that is not neutral, it will penetrate the stone, and build up over time, and can give your tile a dull appearance. When you have your stone professionally cleaned, you can be left with streaks, where some of the residue comes off, and some stays behind, this can be corrected, but it involves a different process, with different machines, it will have to be stripped off, which will cost extra money. Many customers have maids, unfortunately, most maids don’t know the difference between natural and synthetic tiles, and they often use store bought products, so check with them to see what they are using.  You can purchase a neutral cleaner at most stores that sell tile.

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